Fall 2016 - New Locale!

Hi, Everyone! Big Updates!

As of August 2016, I have relocated to New York City to further my education with The New School of Public Engagement. It was tough to leave Atlanta, but the decision was made much easier, given the strength of the program. For the next year, I'll be shooting a short documentary under the tutelage of some of my heroes in the art form. I could not be more excited.

During this time, I am also finishing a promotional documentary for the non-profit Soccer in the Streets, based in Downtown Atlanta. The project revolves around a pilot youth soccer program in Underwood Hills, based in West Midtown/Buckhead Atlanta. The area is quite economically diverse, and watching how this game can bring together these groups has been an absolute joy.

Please, don't hesitate to get in touch! My information is listed on my contact page. Please contact me with any questions!