Spring 2016

Hello! Welcome to the latest incarnation of my website - glad you found it! I'll do my best to keep you all abreast of my film goings-on.

The coming months are seeing several projects develop. I'm happy to announce that I'll be directing a series of music videos for Athens, GA band Eureka California in conjunction with HHBTM Records. Expect to see some bright, fast, and fun stuff. I've also had the privilege of listening to their new record, Versus, and it's a blast. 

Also in the pipeline is the development of the web series Tell Me Something (or Tell), juxtaposing people in their places of work with a nearly unrelated interview about their personal lives. The first few episodes are near the can, and they are really something special. I can't wait to start sharing these with you all. 

Want to talk about making a project of yours happen? Need some consulting? Want to tell me about something awesome that you've been listening to lately? Please get in touch via the "Contact" page - I love hearing from people, business or unrelated. Door's always open!