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Samuel Veal is a New York based videographer and audio storyteller, combining technical pragmatism with lofty creative aspiration. He has worked on Oscar-nominated full lengths, collaborated with Grammy Award-winning artists, and has work being featured in upcoming film festivals.

Samuel earned a video journalism degree at the esteemed Grady College of Journalism. Upon graduation, he moved to contribute to Atlanta's booming film industry, working with Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, Disney-Buena Vista, Tyler Perry Studios, Fortress Features, and several others. He continued his education at the Schools for Public Engagement at the New School located in Manhattan, focusing on documentary storytelling across several media forms. 

Taking this big production background into videography, Samuel has produced and directed a number of documentary pieces. Some of his clients have included Capitol Records, Harvard University, BeLoved-Atlanta, Soccer in the Streets, HHBTM Records, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and ACT UP - New York.

His festival premiere, In The Wake: A Record of Direct Action, focuses on how people of marginalized backgrounds organize after the 2016 United States General Election. The film premiered to rave reviews.

When not working with media, Samuel enjoys studying human geography, playing soccer, and finding the best Korean food in New York.